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The Journals Introduces New Process to Ensure Local News Delivery


The City Journals have published newspapers every month for the past 33 years. During which we have mailed a copy of the Journal to nearly everyone in the city. We know from audits that over 70% of the households in the city read the Journal, but that means 30% do not. That is a considerable amount of wasted paper. We also know that some people in the community are not receiving the Journal, although they want it. 

Until now there was no way to address these issues. But now, using this QR code, you can select if you want to receive the Journal.

Because staying informed about local happenings is more important than ever, the Journals is proud to announce an innovative process to guarantee community members receive their local news each month.

Recognizing the vital role of local journalism in fostering community engagement and connection, the Journals has developed an approach to ensure timely and reliable news delivery to every doorstep within our coverage areas.

Using cutting-edge logistics technology and a dedicated team of delivery professionals, we can create enhanced route planning, tracking systems and distribution methods. The Journal aims to overcome challenges that have hindered timely news delivery in the past.

“It is important to keep readers informed about what’s happening in their neighborhoods, schools, businesses and local government,” said Bryan Scott, publisher at The City Journals. “With this new process, we’re not only reaffirming our commitment to high-quality local journalism but also ensuring every member of our community has reliable access.”

We have deep gratitude for the United States Postal Service, whose dedication enables the delivery of more than 200,000 monthly Journals to our readers. This partnership is instrumental in ensuring our local news reaches every household efficiently and consistently. With our new system, readers will still receive their Journal in the mail each month but with more accuracy and control based on our new process.

This underscores the Journals’ unwavering dedication to providing trusted local news and information for our readers. Whether reporting on community events, highlighting local businesses, or investigating important issues affecting our neighborhoods, the Journals remains steadfast in its mission to celebrate and build the community.

The Journals encourages readers to provide feedback on their news delivery experience, allowing for improvement and refinement of the process. With this groundbreaking approach, the Journals reaffirms its position as the leading provider of local news, delivering stories that matter to our valued readers.

Residents can now choose if they want to receive the Journal at their home by using the QR Code or by visiting We ask all residents to complete this form to continue receiving the Journal each month. 

Share this message with others in the city who may not be familiar with the newspaper and want to sign up. λ

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