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Taylorsville girls golf setting sights on region title

Apr 12, 2024 01:59PM ● By Josh McFadden

The Taylorsville girls golf team had two early tournaments this season in preparation for more region matches. The Warriors have several young golfers who continue to improve. (Photo courtesy Eric Timpson)

Many members of the Taylorsville girls golf team are new to the sport, but that doesn’t mean the Warriors don’t have high expectations. 

Taylorsville competes in Class 5A’s Region 4 with Hunter, Kearns, West Jordan, Cyprus and Granger. While there will be opportunities for success, head coach Eric Timpson also knows winning won’t come easy. 

“My expectation for this team is for them to compete for the region championship,” Timpson said. “It will be difficult with some other strong teams in our region. We are young and might have a better chance next year, but we shall see. I think we will have some individual players that will qualify for the state tournament in May.”

If the Warriors are to reach that lofty goal this season, Timpson said a few things need to fall in order. One key is for more players to progress and continue to improve their game.

“I know being in the running for the region championship will be difficult,” he said. “I would like to at least see a couple of our girls qualify for the state tournament. For our team success, I would like to see progress from our younger players that could move from competing at the JV level to the varsity level. I always consider the season a success when the players have fun and are improving all the time. That is what I have seen from this team so far.”

Taylorsville teed off the season March 21 at a tournament, followed by another tournament March 25. Timpson is happy with what he has seen so far. 

“I am excited for this team as they are young and growing,” he said. “The girls get better every year, and it is fun to watch.”

What the girls may lack in formal training and time on the golf course in competition, they make up for with their attitudes and desires to improve individually and collectively.

“The team’s strengths are the youth and enthusiasm of this team,” Timpson said. “They have a good work ethic and want to get better.”

Timpson said the team, unfortunately, lost a couple of its older, more experienced players who were unable to play this season. Their inclusion likely would have helped the Warriors be in an even better position to compete for a region championship. But the current players are moving forward with resolve to do their best regardless. 

With so many players joining the team with little or no previous experience, Timpson and his Warriors can be at a disadvantage—not just when it comes to scores and to wins and losses but to basic things such as having the right equipment. 

“I would say that the biggest challenge for my team is that most of the players start as beginners,” Timpson said. “We don’t have many golfers at Taylorsville High that have been playing since they were really young and been taking lessons. Most don’t even have their own clubs and must borrow or get loaner clubs that have been donated to the team. These clubs are old and difficult to hit. We will try to get more funding for our team, which I think would help provide for the basic needs of our players. Access to high-end instruction is always something that is hard for my team. Most don’t have the time or funds to get lessons or have a personal swing coach.”

Yet, the team moves forward with hard work, determination and a positive attitude. 

The Warriors have two seniors on the team, led by captain Cailin Nielsen. It’s her second full season on the team. The next two top golfers for the Warriors are sophomores Brinley Shields and Destiny Harrison. 

“I am grateful for [Nielsen’s] leadership and work ethic,” Timpson said. “I hope she can reach her goals and have a chance to get to state. In one year [Shields and Harrison] have shown extraordinary growth and improvement in their golf game. They went from beginning golfers to competing on our team at the varsity level. I am expecting great things from them.”

Along with simply getting more experience and getting used to being at the varsity level, Timpson wants his players to improve their putting and short games. 

“I think this will help tremendously to get lower scores consistently that will put them in the top scorers in our region,” he said.

The 5A state golf tournament will take place May 20 and 21 at Soldier Hollow Golf Course in Midway. Whether the Warriors capture a region title or get golfers to state, Timpson will still be proud of his girls’ efforts. He enjoys coaching this group and loves not only seeing them learn how to golf better but how to become better people.

“It is a great opportunity to work with these girls,” he said. “I really enjoy coaching and instructing my players on the intricacies of the game of golf and the basics of the swing and different kinds of shots that are required in the game of golf. I am not a professional, but I know that when the girls will listen and work hard, they can really improve and develop a love of the game. It truly is a wonderful lifetime sport, and my girls can learn great life lessons. These are fun to point out to the girls. All my players are great people and students. They listen and have a desire to get better. That makes it very enjoyable for me and my other coaches.” λ

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