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Local girl Addison Mauger plays in MLB Trailblazer Series

May 08, 2023 02:50PM ● By Greg James

Addison Mauger (center back with the bat) has played baseball for several years. She is a member of a gold-level boys team and recently traveled to Florida to participate in an MLB training camp. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Mauger)

In 2017, MLB launched the Trailblazer Program, aiming to provide education and playing opportunities for girls in the sport of baseball. This new initiative seeks to break down gender boundaries, creating a more level playing field for all. It is held in conjunction with Jackie Robinson Day, baseball’s ultimate trailblazer.

“I just want to help these girls get one percent better each day,” a star in the 2014 little league world series, Mo’Ne Davis, said. She helped train athletes in the Trailblazer Series.

Major League Baseball held its Trailblazer tournament April 14-16 in Vero Beach, Florida. Addison Mauger from Taylorsville participated. 

“Addison had an amazing time,” Jennifer Mauger, her mother, said. “It was good for her to be with other female baseball players. She could see that she is not alone, there are other girls out there just like her. Girls that love the game and want nothing more than to be able to play,”

Addison currently plays with a super league boys team called the Over Jordan Grey Crows. According to her coaches, she belted 21 home runs last season.

“She started playing t-ball in a Taylorsville youth league when she was 4 years old. She tried softball when she was 7 and made the all-star team, but went back to baseball at 8. She has played with her current team since then,” Jennifer Mauger said. “Last year she played on the BallGirls, an all-girls national team led by the Dodgers ball girl Allie Lacey. They won the national championship and will defend their title in July.”

She is a sixth grader at Bennion Junior High School in Taylorsville and recently joined the volleyball and basketball teams.

“We couldn’t be more proud of her, and support her in any way we can,” Jennifer Mauger said. “She is so driven every single day whether at practice or on her own.”

Not many girls play baseball, most are encouraged to join girls softball teams. 

The movie “A League of Their Own” is based on the formation of an all-girls baseball league. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was formed in 1943 by Phillip Wrigley. It was formed to help keep baseball in the public eye while able men were part of World War II. 

The U.S. womens national team has received an invitation to compete in the Womens Baseball World Cup. Its group play qualification round begins in August. While too young for this opportunity, Addison’s super league coaches believe she has potential.

“She is going to be amazing. I know she will play college ball,” Eliza Schofield told Fox13 News in an interview before the Florida trip. She jokes that Team USA is going to ‘take her’ from their team. 

While in Florida Addison received training and participated in competitive games. Mo’Ne Davis and Kelsie Whitmore, the first women to be signed by a MLB affiliated team, spent time instructing and talking with all the participants. 

Whitmore is a pitcher and outfielder and played part of the 2022 season with the Staten Island FerryHawks, a team in the Atlantic League considered the highest professional independent league. 

“Keep going with anything, whether it is baseball or something not even related to baseball. Whatever it is in life just keep going and make it happen. Never let up on your dreams,” Whitmore said.

Addison plans to keep training and return to the Trailblazer camp as many times as she can.λ

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