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Time flies as class of 1992 celebrates their 30-year reunion

Sep 08, 2022 02:07PM ● By Karen Hooper

By Karen Hooper | [email protected]

It may not seem like it, but 30 years can go by in a flash. And the Taylorsville High class of 1992 found that out while celebrating their 30-year reunion in August. The reunion committee, which consisted of classmates Nichole Bywater Coombs, Jeff Young, Aimee Winder Newton and Adam Cherrington, started the party off by bringing a class-favorite dinner from popular hangout spot Leatherby’s for everyone. “Leatherby’s was definitely the place to be back in 1992,” remarked Cherrington. The committee had been planning the event since October of last year and they pulled it off beautifully. There were a few reunion attendees still living in Taylorsville, more scattered throughout the Salt Lake valley, and some from faraway states, but they all came together for a night of laughter and memories. Longtime friends who hadn’t seen each other in years embraced, others eagerly introduced spouses, some even brought their kid while joking, “I warned my kid about you,” and the other responding, “Oh I could tell you some stories about your mother.”

As the 1992 class sat around ‘Warrior blue’ colored tablecloths, phrases popped up like, “Oh my gosh do you remember…” or “Was I really that person?” And the classic “How has it been 30 years?” And as the group watched grainy 1992 video footage (that today’s youth just wouldn’t understand the rarity of), they remarked on the poofy hair, large-framed glasses, dresses with big bows, and classic dance pictures of prom guy standing behind his date at a weird angle. The night was filled with an incredible air of sentimentality and an almost reverence to the thought of what life was like 30 years ago.

Quinn Watkins said, “You know 1992 was a great year, but so is 2022.” When asked what his best memory of high school was, he laughed and said, “Can I give you my top 5?” Although he had a hard time narrowing all the good memories down, he said, “Really the thing I miss the most is just hanging out with friends.”

Aimee Winder Newton still lives in Taylorsville and has kids who now go to Taylorsville High School. “It’s really neat because when I went to school there was a teacher on staff that eventually taught my son.”

1992 Senior Class President Adam Cherrington talked about his duties back then. “I planned dances, skits and events. And just served the school, served my fellow classmates.” And he’s still serving them as he co-hosted the event, starting off with a 1992 pop quiz which had questions like: What was the song at Senior Ball? (Save the Best for Last by Vanessa Williams), Who was the governor of Utah in 1992? (Norman H. Bangerter), How much was a gallon of gas? ($1.09, yes that one hurts a little). Adam’s quiz questions had some humor in them as well. “What percent of AP calculus students actually used AP calculus once school was over? And the answer we’re looking for is actually sine over cosine, which makes no sense. I think that’s trig.”  

Laughter wasn’t in short supply that night as people sang songs teachers made up all those years ago, prizes such as the MASH game were given out (a nostalgic game where you decided if you would live in a mansion, apartment, shed or house), and looked through yearbooks and school play programs. But through the laughter was personal reflection that you just don’t get every day. Reunion committee member Nichole Bywater Coombs remembered, “We had such high expectations of what our life would be like. We were beautifully naïve of how hard life would be. But it’s been wonderful. This reunion, 30 years, is my favorite because lots of life has been lived, the stories are fantastic.”

Kati Medel, who lived in Taylorsville for a while after graduating but now lives in Riverton said, “It feels like a lifetime ago.” Medel was a member of the drama club and concert choir and learned things there that she still uses today. She also married a fellow Taylorsville High graduate.

Classmate Jennifer King was just excited to see everyone again. “It’ll be good to see friends. It’s been a while.”

But what really seemed to get the crowd alive with Warrior spirit was seeing video messages from some teachers and their old principal, Michael Cannon. With great sincerity, Principal Cannon remarked how the class of 1992 was one of the best classes there was. His pride was evident, even through video message, as he congratulated the class for all they’ve accomplished. And finally, he said, “And I wish you the best for the next 30 years.”

Times change, fashions go out of style, technology gets easier and more complicated at the same time, gas prices go up, but the things that stay the same are evident after a 30-year reunion. Pride of accomplishments, friendships and shared memories are things that will never be out of style.



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