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Taylorsville library’s ‘Meet a Pirate’ was a swash-buckling good time

Sep 08, 2022 02:06PM ● By Karen Hooper

By Karen Hooper | [email protected]

 Late in July, Taylorsville residents got a real treat thanks to the city’s library. Children of all ages were entertained by a pirate! Or the closest thing to one, Eric Jensen, a member of the Off Broadway Theater who used costumes and the power of imagination to transform into a swash-buckling buccaneer. He quickly became a favorite with the kids, making them laugh with his humor and skillful teaching. They sat, mesmerized, as he showed them how common thrift store items can be turned into props for anyone’s own personal adventure. A cheap, plastic vase can turn into a cannon, sweatpants with a few alterations can turn into pirate pants, and drawing on some dark angled eyebrows can make you look angry. All you need is a few supplies and a lot of creativity.

“Here’s what it’s all about,” pirate Jensen told the children. “It’s all about what you think makes a good story. How can you bring that story to life? It’s just about being imaginative and using what you’ve got.”

And he did just that. Within a matter of minutes, Jensen had transformed himself into a pirate using altered shoes, tights, wig, hat, and eye patch. Once the make-up was on, he showed the kids how to commit to the role by changing his friendly alto voice to a low, raspy growl. But the fun didn’t end there. The pirate had the kids on the edge of their seats as he told a tale of sailors and pirates on the open-seas, hurricanes and deserted islands and a monstrous octopus he called a Kraken. And instead of being in a library on a hot July morning, the kids were transported to an exciting adventure of heroes and monsters.

Once the story adventure was over, the kids were sad to see it end, but left with a sense of wonder, thinking "what can I create?"

Nine-year-old Maddy Nolan said, “my favorite part was how he made everything he used. He didn’t have to go out and spend very much money, he could just craft it. That’s exciting because I feel like I could do that myself.”

Jensen explains, “Transforming sweatpants into pirate pants might take a bit of work, cutting and adding elastic, but those are skills anyone can learn. Sewing is a skill you can learn! All I did for my pirate shoes was spray paint them black and hot glue a buckle on. I’m telling you, kids, there’s no limit on imagination.”

Summer is a great time to use your imagination. Look around the house and see what items you can transform. You never know, a pirate might be hiding in there somewhere. And remember, “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Thanks Taylorsville library (and Eric Jensen) for bringing that quote to life.







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