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Senior Sunrise a success

Sep 08, 2022 12:30PM ● By Karen Hooper

Taylorsville High School seniors started the year off bright and early at their traditional Senior Sunrise. It was the Monday before school started and the sleepy-eyed, yet smiling, students met at 5:45 a.m. on the football field. Student body officers were flipping pancakes, slicing watermelon and pouring cereal for the early risers as students gathered on the turf field to play card games, throw a football around or just catch up. The excitement was felt everywhere as students talked about the upcoming school year.

“I think I’m going to really miss my friends,” Bridgette Bawden said as she and her friends played UNO. “I’m actually terrified to go to college.”

“Yeah, it’s like we have nine months and then it’s real life, that’s scary,” said Monica Guillen. 

Senior class president Nathan Bingham was really excited to see the turn out. “We have a lot of seniors here, it’s exciting. You can just feel that senior spirit and it’s exciting to have us all together.” When asked about his thoughts on starting his senior high school year he said, “It just reminds you how fast life can go. I mean, you learn so many lessons in high school and you meet so many different people, make so many friends, it just puts all that in perspective.” 

The Senior Sunrise is a tradition that’s been around for at least six years. Senior class vice president Mari Solrocha explained that they also participate in a Senior Sunset after graduation in the spring. “It’s a nice way to commemorate the beginning of our senior year and the end.”

Twelfth grade Vice Principal Brian Murray joked, “I don’t know how they have all this energy,” while watching the seniors run around on the football field at 6 a.m. 

But it wasn’t just energy, it was excitement for a year of unknowns, a sense of unity and humor that kept the students going. When trying to get everyone to line up for a sunrise picture, a student body officer joked, “Everyone go stand in front of the sunrise for a picture. Seniors only! If you’re a junior that snuck in for free breakfast, I WILL find you!”

Another student had a good way to get everyone to laugh during the picture, shouting out, “Smile if you want to graduate!”

“This Senior Sunrise is a great way to kick off the year and have a good start,” Bingham remarked. “We’re going to have an awesome year!” And that feeling was unanimous as the class of 2023 cheered with fists in the air during the bright, morning sunlight.  λ

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