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Dee Garden Thai Kitchen offers an authentic blend of flavors

Feb 22, 2022 09:02AM ● By Peri Kinder

The story of Dee Garden Thai Kitchen starts in the city of Nong Khai in Thailand. Sombat and Chaloemchai Phothiworn, and their daughters Kanlayanee (Kat) and Fon, lived in the city known for its rich farmlands. Sombat and Chalomchai made delicious Thai cuisine that they sold at roadside restaurants. 

“They love cooking,” Kat says. “They’ve worked hard and dreamed of having their own restaurant. There’s a lifetime of cooking experience here. One of their dreams was to own a restaurant in America.”

After immigrating to the U.S., the Phothiworns opened Dee Garden Thai Kitchen in December of 2020, at 7098 S Redwood Road in West Jordan. They want their food to help customers appreciate the culture and heritage of Thai cuisine and know that every bit contains a legacy of love. 

“We make it with heart and with love and make sure the customers get what they want,” Kat says. 

Growing up in Thailand, the family brings the taste of fresh outdoor markets to each dish, using quality ingredients from Thailand including fresh coconut milk and authentic curry paste. They offer seven types of curry, with sweet, medium or mild sauces, fresh vegetables and chicken, beef, pork or tofu. 

“We have a lot of curry in Thailand and it’s one of our most popular dishes,” Kat says. “Our curry is different from other restaurants because it’s all coconut milk. It’s creamier.”

Delicious stir-fry dishes include the popular orange chicken, Thai chicken teriyaki and crab fried rice. The pad thai noodles are made with homemade sauce, and dessert options include mango sticky rice and Thai fried bananas. 

The homemade egg rolls are stuffed with savory pork, veggies and glass noodles and the fresh spring rolls are served with an authentic Thai peanut sauce. The Thai sausage at Dee Garden Thai Kitchen is made from a homemade recipe, handed down through the family for generations. 

With big portions, unique tastes and honest-to-goodness Thai quality ingredients, each dish at the restaurant will lead to a great dining experience. For more information, visit The restaurant also offers fee-free delivery and pick-up. 

“We want people to enjoy the experience and enjoy the taste and love of Thai food,” Kat says. “We want our customers to leave with happiness and a smile.”

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