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Taylorsville’s Girls Soccer Team Celebrates Seniors

Nov 10, 2015 03:25PM ● By Jessica Thompson

By Jessica Thompson 

Taylorsville - The story of the elephant’s rope has been Coach George Sirstins’ girls soccer team motto. Sirstins taught his team all about how baby elephants are trained at a young age by using a small rope to hold them back. Once the elephant becomes an adult, that same small rope keeps them from running free. The elephant won’t break the rope, even though their weight and size would make it easy to break free. Sirstins used this story to help his girls realize they can push themselves and not let anything hold them back from playing hard. 

“Each one of these girls pushed themselves and wasn’t afraid to break that bond of that little rope and get out of their comfort zones. That is what I am most proud of this team for is that my girls may not be the best, but my girls will work ‘til they drop,” Sirstins said.

On Oct. 1, Taylorsville High School girls soccer played their last home game against Jordan High School. The team played hard, adding four new injuries to their already 11 starters suffering from broken legs, broken forearms and three concussions. 

“It was devastating to lose three of my top players to injuries, and they were my catalysts, so to lose them was sort of hard,” Sirstins said.

Even with losing some of the team’s top players, the girls did not give up. Noelle was noted by Sirstins as being the player whose performance stood out to him during the game against Jordan High School. 

“Noelle’s hustle stood out to me this game. She has asthma and she had to come back in halfway through the game, but she wanted to go right back out there. She never quits,” Sirstins said. 

The highlight of this game was when his goal keeper made a save right near the end of the game, keeping Jordan from making another goal. The final score of the game was Jordan at six goals and Taylorsville at zero.  

“The greatest thing that was said to me was my kids are playing against thoroughbreds, and we are Shetland ponies. Why that is not an insult to me is a Shetland pony will run till they die, and that is what my girls are doing.” Sirstins said. 

After their last home game, the Warriors’ senior players were honored and celebrated for their years of hard work on the team. Seniors were given flowers, balloons and gifts from their fellow teammates. 

“I’ve been doing this for three years and it’s great to be recognized because we’ve put so much effort into playing the game,” Tiffany Mascimento, a Taylorsville senior, said. 

Mascimento’s mother, brother and sister watched her play her last home game. Her mother, Veronica, said, “She loves soccer and she is really dedicated to it; even when she is sick, she wants to play the game. It is a pleasure to watch her do something she likes.” 

Sirstins was a great influence for these girls to learn those great life lessons from. 

“Not only has George taught me to be a classy soccer player, he has taught me to be a classy person,” senior Cescily Madsen said.

Mascimento also commented on how Sirstins was “the best man on the planet.”  This was Sirstins first year coaching the girls soccer team, and he wished he could have coached this group of seniors more than just one season. 

“I’m really proud of my team, and it was a pleasure to coach them. I love them and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” he said.     

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