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Mayor's Message

Jul 03, 2015 04:13PM ● By Taylorsville Mayor Larry Johnson
July is a month of holidays and celebrations that have great meaning to each of us. July 4th Independence Day celebrating our nation’s history and July 24th Pioneer Day is celebrating those who immigrated to the Salt Lake Valley during the pioneer era. These honored pioneers came from everywhere – New England, Old England, the lands of the North. Upon arrival in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, the settlers had to make a place to live. They created irrigation systems, laid out farms, built houses, schools and churches. 

One of the most crucial items was access to water. It was difficult to find large areas where water sources were dependable and growing seasons were long enough to support crops. For this reason, many satellite communicates began to be formed in areas around the Great Basin such as Bountiful, Ogden, Tooele, and Provo. The first celebration of Pioneer Day in 1857 was halted with news of the approach of Johnston’s Army, heralding the beginning of the Utah War. There was not another Pioneer Day celebration again until President Abraham Lincoln initiated a hands-off policy on Utah in 1862 during the American Civil War.  It was at this time that Pioneer Day celebrations resumed once again. 

One of the larger celebrations includes the Pioneer Centennial Celebration in 1947 that included exhibits, beauty pageants, conferences, banquets, dances, music, theater performances, parades, and sporting events. As you enjoy the holiday celebrations and activities, please be aware of the dry conditions that surround us. Please use caution with fireworks and keep in mind the City of Taylorsville Firework Restrictions. Wishing you happy and safe celebrations this month.         
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