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From the Kitchens of Taylorsville & Bennion

Jul 03, 2015 12:32PM ● By City of Taylorsville
This month’s historic recipe is from the kitchen of Darwin Steadman. He was born in Winder Ward, March 15, 1909, and was the oldest child of Edward and Louise Steadman. He attended the first through 9th grade of schooling at the old Plymouth school on the corner of 4800 South and Redwood Road. His father, Edward, still has a watch repair shop in Murray and a 40-acre dry farm near the west mountains of the Valley where he raised wheat and a little hay for a cow or two. His mother used to make bread using wheat she processed into flour and utilized the flour for various baked goods for her seven children.This is where his love of bread baking began, and he experimented with various recipes until he felt that he got the “Good Bread” recipe below. 

Darwin left home at a young age working as a sheepherder and was an adventurist at heart. His hobbies were gun collecting, motorcycling, and traveling. He loved to play the organ, xylophone, and tipple. His posterity remembers his love of good homemade bread the most!

How to Make Good Bread by E.D. Steadman

Begin by Preparing the Yeast: 
1 TBL Dried Yeast
1 TSP Sugar
Dry mix both in bowl then add 
1/2 cup warm water until dissolved 
Then into bulb heated oven until rest done

2 Cups ground flour 
(1:1 Peral Barley/Red Wheat)
1 TBL Salt
1 Cup Quaker 1 Min Oats
1 Cup White Flour
Dry mix on speed I, using 
rubber spatula 1-2 minutes
Add 1/4 Cup Olive Oil followed by
1/4 Cup Molasses (Karo)

Blender Mixture:  
1-1/4 Cups Warm Water in Blender
1 Sliced Banana
1/2 Cup Prunes
1/2 Cup Raisins
Blend till liquefied (30-45 seconds)

Add blender mixture to ingredients and 1 Cup Hot Water used in cleaning out blender
Turn on Mixer to Speed 1 (Use warm spatula-bowl)
Add risen yeast – Clean out yeast bowl 
with spatula and mix (3 minutes)
Add very slowly ground flour, 1 cup, 2 cups, near last of third cup go to Speed II; by end Of fourth cup is ball in center of bowl (Let set 10 minutes)
Turn on mixer again (Kneading 1 min.)
Remove mixer top and clean off hook into bowl


Dump ball onto Pam or greased table top (Dampen hands to get ball out)

Fold  & Kneed Twice – cut into two equal halves remember to turn in ends and close tops in to seal in gas. Always put closed ends inward.

Into warm and greased Pyrex baking dish drop each ball and kneed to fit dish and be flat. Put into 140 degree oven to rise dough. (30 mins.)

When dough running over dish turn to 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until “smells done” Look at bottom thru glass dish to see if brown; dump out on rack. Place bread on it’s side 30 minutes; then on other side 30 min, covered with dish towel this time.

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