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Shining A Light On Youth Council Members And Youth Ambassadors

Jun 12, 2015 01:14AM ● By City of Taylorsville
Taylorsville - The Youth Council of Taylorsville City wanted to highlight the graduating seniors who have been members of City of Taylorsville Youth Council and/or Youth Ambassadors.

Jaden Muir

Jaden has participated in many activities while attending Taylorsville High School. Jaden is currently serving as Taylorsville High School’s student body president. He is a member of the Madrigals and is the F.C.C.L.A activities chairman. On top of that he is serving as the recorder for the Taylorsville Youth Council and is also a Youth Ambassador for the City of Taylorsville. With many of these activities, Jaden has been able to participate in numerous state competitions, including the Pro-Start Management Competition where he and his team members took 2nd in state this year. Additionally, Jaden was the F.A.C.S Sterling Scholar for Taylorsville High School and will be graduating as one of the top 50 seniors of Taylorsville High School. He has qualified for Area of Distinction within F.A.C.S and Citizenship and Community Service. He will be graduating this June with numerous chords and recognitions to his name. 

After graduation, Jaden will be serving a two year mission for the LDS. church. Upon returning, he will attend UVU and go into the culinary arts program. Jaden would like to thank all of his advisors, teachers, friends and family who have been part of these past few years and who have helped him accomplish everything that he has been able to. He is beyond grateful for the experiences he has had in everything and couldn’t have imagined a better high school experience. (Go Warriors!)

Janet Tran

 Janet has completed high school with perfect citizenship and grade point average. She has been awarded eight areas of distinctions, a diploma of merit, she is one of the 50 Most Outstanding Seniors at Taylorsville High School, and is the Taylorsville High School valedictorian. Janet has served as a member of the Taylorsville Youth Council for the past three years. Janet has participated in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), National Honor Society, DECA, senior class officer, choir, and the tennis team. Janet has competed in various region, state, and national competitions. She has acquired 31 awards for demonstrating excellence and competency in business-related competitive events. Janet served as the 2014-2015 Utah FBLA executive vice president and was the 2015 Business and Marketing Sterling Scholar at Taylorsville, a Wasatch Region Business and Marketing Sterling Scholar Finalist, and the 2015 Wasatch Region Business and Marketing Sterling Scholar runner-up. Janet has been awarded the Freedom Leadership Award, the Golden E Award, the AP Scholar Award, and the AP Scholar with Distinction Award. 

After high school, Janet plans to pursue a degree in business or education. She has been accepted by the University of Utah, Swarthmore College, and Grinnell College. She has also been a recipient of the Helen P. Metos Scholarship, the Nanette S. Anderson Business Leader Scholarship, the Business and Marketing Sterling Scholar Runner-up Scholarship, the Trustee Honor Scholarship by Grinnell College, the Honors at Entrance Scholarship by the University of Utah, and the Utah Opportunity Scholarship by the University of Utah.

Zach Eberhard

Zach is a senior at Taylorsville High School.  This is his first year on the Taylorsville Youth City Council and he has enjoyed serving his community. At Taylorsville High School, Zach is involved in many areas. He has been Student of the Month, is one of the 50 Most Outstanding Seniors, has taken multiple AP classes, and has qualified for Area of Distinction in several categories. He loves the arts and loves to get involved in every possible way.  He has been cast in the drama department’s latest production. He is a member of the Taylorsville Concert Choir. Zach currently plays with the school’s jazz band and is the jazz band president. In addition, he was also the school’s Sterling Scholar in Instrumental Music.  

Furthermore, his passion lies in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America.)  Zach has served as the chapter president for the past two years and served as the state FBLA president this past year. Zach has received the “Nanette S. Anderson Business Leader Scholarship” due to his participation in FBLA.  After Zach returns from an LDS mission, he plans to attend BYU.  

Melanie Farronay

 Melanie is a senior at Taylorsville High School. She has been very involved in student government this year serving as senior class secretary. Melanie has been a member of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) for the past 3 years and has served in the capacity of Community Service officer for the past 2 years. She has been enrolled in college classes since her freshman year, attending Utah Valley University and Salt Lake Community College after school hours and during summer. 

Melanie is involved in Latinos in Action at Taylorsville High School and really enjoyed serving on the presidency. She has been able to do 100+ hours of service around the community, such as volunteering at the public library and tutoring at Plymouth Elementary School and Hartvigsen School. Melanie a Taylorsville Youth Ambassador. She is one of the top 50 seniors and received an area of distinction in Citizenship/ Community Service. She plans to attend Utah Valley University in the fall. 

Leiani Brown

Despite all pretense of school continuing tediously and never ending, Leiani truly has enjoyed her three years at Taylorsville High. This year marked her first as a Taylorsville City Youth Council Member, and she regrets not joining sooner. Leiani is the current editor-in-chief of Taylorsville’s nationally award-winning newspaper The Warrior Ledger, and has played a role in its production since day one of high school. She loves the thrill of a new story idea, the spark of life breathed into her by interviews with complete strangers, and even the crunch-time and body-shaking stress that comes with deadlines. 

In addition to journalism, Leiani has played trombone for Taylorsville High School Jazz Band all three years and played varsity singles #1 for the girl’s tennis team both her junior and senior years. She also teaches piano lessons to six students whom she loves very much! Leiani plans to attend BYU-Hawaii in the fall. She appreciates her family for always believing in her, and would like to thank Chuck Berg and Stephanie Floch for their neverending support.

Miranda Rankin

 Miranda has been on Taylorsville Youth Council for 2 years and is currently serving as one of Taylorsville City’s Youth Ambassadors. She has received four area of distinction awards and will be one of only a few students graduating from Taylorsville High School with a diploma of merit. Throughout her high school years, Miranda has been able to maintain a high GPA while taking several AP and Honors courses. She is on the high honor roll and has been a member of National Honor Society for two years now. She served as math club president, where she spent a lot of time preparing for her school, state, and national math competitions. She also spent time after school tutoring her peers. Miranda has also served in a variety of leadership positions within her community. 

Thanks to her high GPA, high involvement in school and community activities, as well as an ACT score of 30, Miranda has received six scholarship offers. She has chosen to attend BYU this fall and is looking forward to the future with excitement. 
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