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Mayor's Message

May 01, 2015 12:19PM ● By Taylorsville Mayor Larry Johnson

Left to right: Council member Armstrong, Mr. Scott Hampton, Principal Karen Chatterton, Mayor Larry Johnson, and Detective Scott Lloyd

When I reflect upon my years in school, I remember my teachers more than I do the classes I took or the books I read. There were many who influenced academic progress but also worked to inspire, develop and nurture their students to think differently about the world.

This year, National Teacher Day falls on Tuesday, May 5th. This is a special time to pause and reflect on the teachers and educators that give, serve, and believe in their students each and every day. 

One of the things I enjoy most is the opportunity to interact with the many remarkable administrators, teachers, and students in Taylorsville. Some of my favorite moments would include: 

Attending Leadership Day Programs at the schools participating in the Leader in Me Program that have incorporated the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, it gives me the desire to live to be 100 years old  just to see what this generation of elementary students will accomplish as adults. There is something about elementary school students citing examples where they have implemented these 7 habits into their lives at home and at school that makes me smile.  

Plymouth Elementary students used Aerogarden planters to grow lettuce in their classrooms.

 Indoor Garden Planters donated by Aerogarden in partnership with the city so that students can see and chart the growth of plants in the classroom. This is the 2nd year of this program and at a recent visit to Vista Elementary the kindergarten students were growing their own Lima Beans. Plymouth Elementary students had a lettuce party with Ranch dressing dip after harvesting the lettuce they grew in the planters in their classrooms with the support of excellent teachers and Principal Graham.

Calvin Smith Elementary second graders and Bennion Elementary fourth graders asked some tuff questions when they invited me to their classrooms to talk about the duties and responsibilities of the Mayor. I was very impressed with their knowledge of local government. 

Lime beans being grown by kindergarten students at Vista Elementary.

Westbrook Elementary Principal Chatterton was thinking outside the box when they hosted their first annual Saturday Kite Festival under the direction of art teacher, Mr. Scott Hampton. He assisted 637 students to learn to make a kite. He did the prep work and the kids made and decorated their own kites. They had over 250 people attend a Saturday Kite Fair and it was incredible. 

All of the Taylorsville Elementary fourth grades were invited to attend the upcoming Salt Lake County 10th Annual Water Quality Fair in mid-May. It offers the students the opportunity to learn about storm water, water conservation, the water cycle and other topics in an entertaining way. Each teacher responded promptly and quickly made arrangements to make this a possibility for their students. 

From Kindergarten through college, teachers are an important part of our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. I hope that we will embrace and celebrate their importance and contributions. They inspire hope, ignite imagination, and instill a love of learning.  I am very grateful for all they do for our city and community. THANK YOU!
Westbrook Elementary hosted their first annual Saturday Kite Festival.

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