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Earthquake Safety

May 01, 2015 08:41AM ● By City of Taylorsville

Taylorsville City Staff playing Emergency Management Jeopardy for the Great ShakeOut 2015.

Residents, businesses and government agencies throughout the State of Utah recently participated in the Great Utah ShakeOut; this year’s activities included nearly one million participants. 

An earthquake striking somewhere along the Wasatch Front in the near future is a distinct possibility. Since we are unable to predict when this might be, it is important to prepare now to keep your family and home safe for when the ground will start to move.

What to do before an earthquake:

• Prepare your home. With the help of professionals, assess the structural integrity of your home. Its building type may be vulnerable to damage in an earthquake. Determine the probability of damage and make necessary improvements to your home.

• Secure loose objects inside your home. Most injuries in homes are sustained from objects falling on top of people. Walk through each room of your home and secure objects that could move. For example, secure large furniture and your water heater with the proper safety mechanisms.

• Practice earthquake drills and techniques with your family. Having a family plan for an emergency is important, and being able to get back in touch with your loved ones will be a priority. 

What to do when the ground shakes:

• Drop. Put yourself to the ground before the shaking does that for you. This is an easy way to avoid injury.

• Cover. Hide as much of your body below a table or similar large surface. If you are unable to do that, huddle up against an interior wall and cover the back of your head and neck with your hands to prevent injuries from falling objects.

• Hold on. Stay under the table, holding on to it, ready to move with it as the ground does. Wait for one minute below the table after the ground stops shaking before evacuating.

If you have any questions about earthquakes or how to prepare your family for an emergency, please contact the City’s Emergency Manager, Ben Gustafson, at 801-963-5400 or at [email protected].

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