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2015 Taylorsville Art Show

Apr 03, 2015 11:50AM ● By Ty Gorton
The Arts Council hosted the 2015 Taylorsville Art Show which took place at the Taylorsville Senior Center on February 27th and 28th. Below is a list of the 1st place winners. The Art Show had over 200 attendees and 147 Art Entries.

Name /Age Group/Category/Title/Award
Anna Bjork /Youth/Acrylic/Autmn Song/1st
Kiersten Gray /Youth/Colored Pencils/Princess Anna of Arendelle/1st
Tmothy McAuliffe /Youth/Photography/Tree of Light/1st
Kate Simmons /Youth/Watercolor/ Undulating Translucence/1st
Kate Simmons /Youth/Watercolor/ Florificent/1st
Ryan Simmons /Youth/Unique Medium/Midnight Gaze/1st
Nathan Wickham /Youth/Graphite Pencil/Baymax/1st
Adam Wickham /Youth/Colored Pencils/Don’t Judge a Dragon.../1st
Kamryn Blackburn /Adult/Clay/Clay Figure Series/ 1st
Curtis Bullock /Adult/Metal Sculpting/Airplane/1st
Colt Herrea /Adult/Photography/ The Road to Hell/1st
Chris Wells /Adult/Acrylic/Hidden Names/1st
Margo Nikolaisen /Adult/Counted Cross-Stitch/259/1st
Shannon Moqhin /Adult/Charcoal/Female Head Model/1st
Atwood Doyle /Senior/Wood Burning/Big Bucks/1st
Donald Batie /Senior/Wood Carving/Moses/1st
Jamie Chandler /Senior/Pastels/Sunrise at the Pier/1st
Robert Eberly /Senior/Oils/Ad Majoram Del Gloriam/1st
Dan Jones /Senior/ Needle Point/Tissue Cover/1st
Frank Leavitt /Senior/Photography/Autmn Colors/1st
Linda Lynch /Senior/Embroidery/Time for Tea/1st
Linda Lynch /Senior/Crochet/Good Morning/1st
Jean Mackay /Senior/ Crochet/Pine Tree/1st
Jean Mackay /Senior/ Embroidery/ Pat Flag/1st
Jean Mackay /Senior/Other/Aniversery Inn/1st
Anna McCullough /Senior/Quilting/ Fan Quilt/1st
Shannon Moqhin /Adult/Charcoal/Female Head Model/1st
Stephen Morgan /Senior/Acrylic/El Flamenco/1st
Betty  Morris /Senior /Watercolor/Iris/ 1st
Maxine Palmer /Senior/Counted Crosss-Stitch/Spring Iris/1st
Don Pannier /Senior/Other/ Parrot walk stick/1st
Delbert Peterson /Senior/Wood Carving/ 1st
Diane Peterson /Senior/Crochet Baby Afgan/1st
Junie Pons /Senior/Ceramics Snowman/1st
Jerry Reed /Senior/Leather Bear/1st
Jerry Reed /Senior/Latch Hook/Bears/1st
Sue  Shurtliff /Senior/Quilting/ Red White Hawiiain/ 1st
Kate Simmons /Youth/Watercolor/Undulating Translucence/1st
Kate Simmons /Youth/Watercolor/ Florificent/1st
Ryan Simmons /Youth/Unique Medium/Midnight Gaze/1st
Gwen Smith /Senior/Oils/Sarah/1st
Carolyn Smith /Senior/Ceramics/Mushroom/1st
April Sproul /Adult/Bead Work/ Swarousk: In Blue/ 1st
Chris Wells /Adult/Acrylic/Hidden Names/1st
Nathan Wickham /Youth/Graphite Pencil/Baymax/1st
Howard Wilson /Senior/Knife/Knife/1st
James Wind /Senior/Scroll Saw/Flying Ducks/1st
Carla Wind /Senior/ Crochet/Original Scarf/ 1st
Robert Eberly /Senior/Oils/Momento Mori/Youth Council Award
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