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Citizen Spotlight: Quinn Lawrence

Apr 03, 2015 10:37AM ● By City Of Taylorsville
Quinn Lawrence has known for some time that he wanted to incorporate his love of music into his Eagle Scout Project. About two years ago he came up with the idea of organizing a concert to raise money for charity. His mom suggested the charity Operation Smile because of an informational program she had viewed on television. Quinn really liked the idea of helping disadvantaged children for the long term and figured that having a cleft palate or cleft lip repaired would indeed change a child’s life.

Quinn’s parents and other musicians in his ward (both past and present) and neighborhood were excited to perform at the concert. His scouting leaders and troop helped with delivering flyers, setting up chairs, accepting donations, etc. He also had a media specialist that showed an informational piece about Operation Smile to his ward members. 

One of the details that needed to be decided was where the concert would take place – he needed a venue with a grand, or a baby grand, piano. The City of Taylorsville Council Chambers met the requirements for having the grand piano and enough seating to host his concert. The supplies that were needed were flyers, posters, and programs for the concert. Quinn’s father covered the cost of these supplies from his business so that 100 percent of the proceeds could be donated directly to Operation Smile. 
 Quinn had to present his plan and get project approval from the Scout committee, in addition to getting approval from Operation Smile. Once the venue was selected and reserved, it required lots of publicizing and marketing, in addition to the creation of the concert program. Quinn had the opportunity to wear many hats for this project. The musicians who volunteered their time for this project have spent years practicing their various instruments. However, preparation for this concert required practice and coordination. The jazz band got together many Saturdays and rehearsed, and the other musicians spent hours practicing the musical numbers they would be performing. The musicians included: Quinn Lawerence, Jim Stout, Derek Ely, Sam Schmuhl, Darcy Jacobson, Gage Lawerence, Tyler Breinholt, Ethan Breinholt, Allie Neff, Ryland Sloat, Janaca McDougal Seegrist, and Misty Shaw. 

The dedication from Quinn and assistance from all who participated, attended, and donated allowed him to make a donation to Operation Smile that exceeded $3,500.00. The concert was very well-attended and filled with talent and beautiful music for all to enjoy. Quinn is a junior at Taylorsville High School. His main interest is piano, and he enjoys both classical and jazz. He plays piano in his ward for the choir, priesthood, and his seminary class. Quinn is also the piano player for the Caleb Chapman’s Time Check Jazz Orchestra. He enjoys swimming, spending time with family and friends, and is also a very big Jazz fan. Quinn’s family has lived in Taylorsville for 21 years. He has one sister and three brothers. We are very grateful to have such a talented young man in Taylorsville willing to put so many hours into his project to benefit Operation Smile. 

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