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Mild Weather Helping City Crews Complete Projects

Mar 06, 2015 11:57AM ● By Tom Haraldsen
Utah’s unusually mild winter may lead to some water problems down the road a few months, but for city crews working on completing several projects, it’s been a blessing.

Officials in the Taylorsville City Engineering Department have put the finishing touches on several projects, and are nearing the completion of others. Here’s a look at what’s been happening this fall and winter.

 A new pedestrian bridge at 4500 South is progressing, with an anticipated completion this summer. The city partnered with Murray City, Utah Transit Authority and the Utah Department of Transportation to connect existing sidewalks to the Jordan River Trail. Included is a pedestrian bridge across the river at 4500 South. Salt Lake County has also been involved in this project.

The city has four storm drain projects that have been completed or are nearing completion. The drains have been installed in areas prone to nuisance flooding and ponding, according to Taylorsville City engineer Kirsten Heins.

Hydraulic and hydrologic models were used to determine inlet locations and pipe sizes to maximize the storm drain capacity. Improvements also include separating irrigation water facilities from storm water systems, and adding or improving sidewalks, curbs and gutters to aid in the conveyance of storm water.

Completed projects were on Bluemont Drive, 4805 South and Continental Circle, and a fourth project on Atherton Drive should be completed this spring.

An Open Space Connection project, aimed at providing regional connectivity for pedestrians, is being developed in several segments.
 Two pedestrian path crossings have been installed along 2700 West, and an existing pedestrian path on the north side of the city center is being augmented with an alternative path.

New trails are being developed in the Smith Field Estates along 2200 West and in Vista Park, 2600 West 5400 South. At 4800 South along the Jordan River Parkway, minor improvements and new signage will be added to the existing sidewalk.

Two other trails are also on the drawing board. Concept and design for path improvements and access along I-215 are under way, and funding applications have been submitted. No schedule has been set. There will be trail improvements near 4805 South as well in the future.

Parks are also an important part of the city’s plan, Heins said. Phase I park improvements in Labrum Park, located at 6041 South Jordan Canal Road, have included installation of the main pavilion, a restroom, a walking trail and fencing. Construction of the playground and some landscaping improvements are scheduled to begin this spring.                           l
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