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Citizen Spotlight: Richard Sanchez

Mar 06, 2015 11:26AM ● By City of Taylorsville
When it was time for Richard Sanchez to decide on an Eagle Scout Project, he went to Gustavo Gomez. Gustavo is a member of his church, the father of one of his friends in his scout troop and has supported several young men with their Eagle Scout Projects. 

There was a need for some work to be done on the Bringhurst Shed located at the Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Center property. The Bringhurst Shed was brought to the Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Center property to be converted into a ‘Tack House’ to display and store horse riding equipment. The inside was very aged raw wood with quite a bit of dust and even a few wasp nests! 
 A few tools were needed, also a vacuum, 2-3 gallons of paint, rollers, brushes, and a paint sprayer. The weather was turning a bit colder and so there was a rush to complete this project. The first day they swept and vacuumed out the shed, removed many nails, cobwebs, and wasp nests. Then they sprayed the first coat of paint throughout the entire interior of the shed. A few days later, they returned to apply the second coat of paint with the sprayer and then utilized rollers and brushes for corners and detail. Richard received assistance to complete this work from his friend Brandon Gomez, Gustavo Gomez and other Scouts in Scout Troop #491, and he even recruited his mom, Sonja Trujillo. Richard’s Eagle Scout project has been a great asset to the grounds. Many elementary students visit the property on field trips and tour the historic home and farm. 

 Richard has lived in Taylorsville for approximately 10 years. He has attended Taylorsville Elementary, Eisenhower Jr. High, and is now a sophomore at Taylorsville High School. Richard is bi-lingual, speaking both Spanish and English. His extracurricular activities include being a member of the Joga Club (for soccer players) at Taylorsville High School, video games, playing church basketball and spending time with friends. 

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