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Carts At The Ready

Feb 06, 2015 03:47PM ● By Tom Haraldsen

Participants in last year’s Cart Dart

Believe it or not, this is the fifth year for Taylorsville’s Urban Cart Dart, and the event grows bigger and bigger each winter. This year’s race is set for Saturday, March 7 at 10 a.m.

The Cart Dart is exactly what it sounds like—a race between teams pushing shopping carts between various locations in the city. Teams tie themselves to their cart and run or walk to different locations, where they compete in a number of challenges. Participants are also encouraged to wear costumes and decorate their carts with a theme. Prizes are awarded in a number of categories, and teams can win any of five trophies: fastest time, most points, best cart/costume, most enthusiastic and dead last.

“Last year, we had challenges like six-sided puzzle blocks all in black and white, non-dominant hand basketball, rubber chicken launching for accuracy and even a mechanical bull,” said Rhetta McIff, Taylorsville City neighborhood services coordinator and Cart Dart organizer. “We also add in a couple of stops where we place a bonus question or brain teaser, so teams can earn extra points.”

Pranks also figure prominently into the competition, and its outcome. In fact, last year the city council entry was given a “one-time-only, ‘Biggest Cheater’ award,” McIff said.

Last year 12 teams competed.

Participants aren’t informed of the starting line for the race until the day before, to keep the playing field level, she said. Teams must be on their own feet at all times—no skateboards, roller blades or bikes are allowed. Also, it’s a “dry” race, so no visiting bars or drinking events are allowed.

“The proceeds from this event will go toward the health and wellness of people of all ages in our community,” McIff said. “We have sponsored the YMCA Healthy Kids Day for the last three years, and we’d love to keep doing it.”

Teams must complete the race within two hours, and McIff said participants aren’t expected to be in top shape, just to be good sports.

“We believe in our community, and we believe in having fun,” she said. “We also believe strongly in using the awesome public spaces we have in our city.”

Registration is now underway on the city’s website, The registration fee is $40 for a team of five participants.    
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