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Did You Know That Taylorsville Has An Amateur Radio Group?

Feb 06, 2015 09:46AM ● By City of Taylorsville
 It is called the Taylorsville HAMnet.    

The Taylorsville HAMnet group works with Taylorsville City in providing communications resources in the event of an emergency and also supports local and city events.  It also works to bring together licensed operators in Taylorsville City and surrounding areas to provide training, hobby projects and/or activities.

If you have been to the Taylorsville Dayzz 5k run or parade in the past few years, you have seen members of our group providing communications for the event managers.  

We have a weekly “check in” net on Monday evenings at 8:30 p.m. with a brief training session and time for questions and answers.  We also hold a monthly  “in person” meeting with more extensive training and discussion on amateur radio and related topics.

What is Amateur Radio or Ham Radio? 

 Amateur radio is a popular hobby and service in which licensed amateur radio operators (hams) operate communications equipment. Although amateur radio operators get involved for many reasons, they all have in common a basic knowledge of radio technology and operating principles, and pass an examination for the FCC license to operate on radio frequencies known as the "amateur bands." These bands are radio frequencies reserved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use by ham radio operators.

Amateur radio operators come from all walks of life -- doctors, students, kids, politicians, truck drivers, and even your average neighbor next door. They are of all ages and genders, income levels and nationalities.

There is a great variety of ways that amateur radio operators are able to communicate. Using voice communication is just one.  Morse code is still widely used.  Packet, Radio Teletype (often called Ritty), and PSK are three more ways to communicate. Even faster transmissions are being developed using methods that can send almost any form of digital data. Hams also use television to send pictures over the air.

If you are currently (or want to become) a licensed ham radio operator and be involved in our group, go to our website at to obtain more information.  


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