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City Council: Projects In The City of Taylorsville

Jan 09, 2015 12:19PM ● By City of Taylorsville
 We are excited about the capital projects happening in Taylorsville. We appreciate questions and comments from residents wanting to know about various projects. In an effort to keep everyone informed and updated, here is a brief description of capital projects currently underway.

Pedestrian Bridge at 4500 S:

In efforts to improve regional connectivity and safety for pedestrians, Taylorsville is collaborating with Murray City, UTA, UDOT and the county to make this project possible. This safe sidewalk project extends and connects existing sidewalks to the Jordan River Trail. It also provides a bridge for pedestrians to safely cross the Jordan River at 4500 S. 
Anticipated completion: Spring 2015

3900 West 5400 South Roadway Improvements

This roadway and intersection improvement project is designed to improve the pedestrian and vehicular access to commercial properties in the area. 
Scheduled completion: Completed

Storm Drain Projects:  

These four projects are designed to improve the storm drain system in each area. 
• Bluemont Dr.:   Completed
• Atherton Dr.:       Spring 2015 Construction
• 4805 South:     Scheduled completion: Dec. 2014
• Continental Cir.: Completed

Open Space Connection Plan:

The plan is to provide regional connectivity for pedestrians through a series of phased projects. This phase of the plan includes the following segments:
1. 2700 West: Two pedestrian path crossings have been installed in 2700 W. Scheduled completion: January
2. City Center: Pedestrian path along the north side of the property is in. The alternate pedestrian path will be added as the area is developed.    
3. I-215: Concept and design for path improvements and access are underway. Construction not yet scheduled.
4. Smith Field Estates: This path is currently under construction by the developer of the area.
5. 2200 West: The trail utilizes the existing sidewalk in this area. 
6. Vista Park: The trail utilizes the existing sidewalk in this area.  Minor improvements will be made to improve access.
7. 4805 S: Trail improvements have been designed. Construction not yet scheduled.
8. 4800 S/ Jordan River Parkway: The trail utilizes the existing sidewalk in this area.  Minor improvements and signage will be added as needed.

Labrum Park:                                     

Phase 1 park improvements include installation of the main pavilion, restroom, walking trail and fencing.  
Scheduled completion (Phase 1): Completed 

Bennion Park

Park expansion and upgrade to include additional swings and an assortment of spring toys.
Scheduled completion: Completed

Redwood Wall

Improvements include replacing existing assortment of fencing with an 8’ stamped concrete wall (Taylorsville typical style).
Scheduled completion: In process       
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