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Citizen Spotlight - Brandon Gomez

Jan 09, 2015 11:57AM ● By City of Taylorsville
 When it came time for Brandon Gomez to decide on an Eagle Scout Project, he contacted Blake Schroeder, Facilities Manager for the City of Taylorsville, to discuss what projects were available. Brandon decided he was up for the challenge to completely restore a Taylorsville gateway sign that had long been neglected located on 4800 South at the Jordan River Parkway Trail. 

Upon receiving the final approval for his Eagle Project, Brandon went to work recruiting scouts from his ward and two relatives—his father, Gustavo Gomez, and his grandfather, Bruce Cottam—for a total of 8 volunteers.

Brandon’s father owns and operates a paint contracting business and agreed to donate the painting supplies and paint. Brandon’s grandfather agreed to help procure materials. 

The supplies that were needed for Brandon’s project included: paint, paint brushes, stain, glue, 200-ft of rope, screws, and iron clamps.

The project involved many steps over the course of approximately 10 days. The first step was to pressure wash the sign and then let it dry. Then, apply three coats of stain making sure there was adequate drying time between each coat. After that, the old wood, screws, and rope were removed and the wood on the sign was sanded down. The sign was then primed and Brandon made a stop to purchase the specific paint colors for the letters and background of the sign. He painted the sign with special detail on the letters. The last step included installing new rope and screwing in new clamps to secure the rope. 

 Brandon Gomez was excited to complete his Eagle Scout Project 4 days before his 14th birthday. He has served as the Senior Patrol leader of his Scout Troop #491 and helped others in the troop complete their Eagle Projects. Brandon credits his older brother Alex Gomez with being a great example for him. Alex is an Eagle Scout and is now serving a mission in Ecuador. 

 Brandon is an 8th grader at Eisenhower Junior High and enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, video games, snowboarding, and sleeping. 

We are very grateful to Brandon Gomez for choosing this Eagle Project. He has done an amazing job restoring something that was neglected into a beautiful gateway sign into Taylorsville. His work is to be commended as well as those who assisted him in completing this project: Gustavo Gomez, Bruce Cottam, Jared Lecaros, Alejandro Callejas, Gabriel Gomez, Andre Lopez, Richard Sanchez, and Kayla Gomez.

If you would like to nominate someone for Citizen Spotlight, please contact Tiffany Janzen at (801) 835-3330 or email at [email protected] 
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