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Healthy Taylorsville: Maintain, Don’t Gain

Nov 28, 2014 08:21AM ● By City of Taylorsville
Set that pumpkin pie, or that Christmas cookie, down for a minute? Thanks, let’s talk. The average American gains 1-5 pounds over the holidays. Not a problem, you say.  Some gain quite a bit more, and all of us tend to keep those pounds on into the New Year.  That adds up year after year, and surprise, you are part of the 2/3rds of Americans who are overweight or obese. Let’s take a step back and do an ounce of prevention before it requires several pounds of cure. 

Instead of gaining weight this holiday season, look at the causes. Every holiday party seems to have tables overflowing with sweets, baked goods, or any number of high calorie foods/drinks. We build our social gatherings around food. We give food as gifts. In fact, taking food out of the holidays would make it considerably less festive. But, even with all of the food available, you don’t have to dive in head first. Consider the impact on that second slice of pie. Focus on maintaining your weight over the holidays so you aren’t pressured to make unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions to take it off. This year, maintain, don’t gain over the holidays. Spend your time with family and friends, but as for the extra serving, just say, “No, thanks.”

Are you interested in helping make Taylorsville a healthy place to live? Join the Healthy Taylorsville Committee as a volunteer. You don’t need a health background, just a desire to help make healthy choices available to all of our residents. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.      
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