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Youth Council Corner: Service Project Spotlight

Nov 28, 2014 07:44AM ● By City of Taylorsville
The Taylorsville Youth Ambassador program is a rewarding and oftentimes challenging program for the youth of today.  Janet Tran, who is a 2014-2015 Youth Ambassador, completed her service project over the past few weeks.  Below is her experience and how it has benefitted the City of Taylorsville as well as the environment we live in.  Kudos to you Janet for a job well done!  

On October 25th, the Taylorsville High School Environmental Club partnered up with Janet Tran, a Taylorsville City Youth Ambassador, to leave a positive impact on the local environment. The students took the initiative to raise awareness for their environmental cause by starting small - they organized a can collection event. 

 Why a can collection? Remi Prince, president of the Environmental Club, states, “We wanted to organize a service project that could assist us in our future endeavors. By collecting cans, we can reduce the environmental waste and also collect funds that will go towards our bigger projects. One of the projects that we plan to execute will involve the planting of trees. By collecting cans, we have started small in order to accomplish our big goals.” When asked why she partnered up with the club, Janet Tran stated, “I have a passion to give back to my community and when I became aware of this service opportunity, I really wanted to help. Remi and I collaborated with each other in order to raise awareness for the event. After participating in this service project, I am excited to see what other projects that the club will organize.”

On Wednesday, October 22nd, the club members posted flyers on houses surrounding Taylorsville High School. Roughly 300 houses received flyers requesting neighbors to leave their aluminum cans out on their porches or by their mailboxes and on the morning of October 25th, the club collected approximately 70 pounds of aluminum cans that were brought to the Redwood Recycling Center located on 6325 South Redwood Road. In total, the environmental club raised nearly $70 that will fund their future service opportunities. Small service projects as simple as collecting cans can positively impact the environment and are rewarding experiences!   
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