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A Good Short Bike Ride Along with Lunch and the Heritage Center

Oct 30, 2014 10:58AM ● By City of Taylorsville
Fellow Taylorsville residents,

Have you ever been to the Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Center? But have you been there on bike? My wife Linda and I have done this trip before and we welcome you to ride your bike on this route too. If you haven’t been on this trail, you should. This one will take you to the Heritage Center and other spots. I am a very slow rider, yet it only took me 20 minutes. The time included stopping to see stuff several times.

This is how our trip went. At 10 or 11 am, we left Millrace Park and went north on the Jordan River Trail (on the east side). After only five minutes of riding (or 10-15 minutes of walking), we saw a diversion on the left, which crosses the river. If you want go to Bell’s or the Bennion Heritage Center at this time, take the diversion. Once across the bridge, stay right. This will take you to 4800 S. Go west, and within minutes, you’ll be there. Good thing to note, the shoulders on 4800 are very wide and rider friendly.

At about 11, Linda and I bugged Phyllis at Bell’s for a sandwich and fries. Bell’s is on the left just before the Heritage Center. Her food is wonderful. Her place has been awarded Mayor’s choice, too. Phyllis and I have something in common – we’re both chemical engineers. But her chemistry tastes good!

This was a wonderful ride and lots of places to stop and just enjoy. We have had fabulous weather and it beckons for a leisurely ride. There is an abundance of places to ride your bike in Taylorsville. Check out the information on the city’s website ( for more routes that are safe and easy.

Hope to see you soon on two wheels!

John Purivs
Taylorsville Green Committee
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