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Youth Council/Ambassador Appointments

Oct 30, 2014 10:05AM ● By City Of Taylorsville

Left to right: Janet Tran, Jaden Muir, Miranda Rankin, Melanie Farronay

Congratulations to the newly appointed 2014-2015 Taylorsville Youth Council. On October 15, the City Council unanimously approved the following youth to serve as Youth Council members:
Aubree Newton, Chelsea Candland, Cheyanne Bradshaw, Cole Arnold, Jaden Muir, Janet Tran, Jessica Forsyth, Joshua Warnock, Julia Conrad, Kaylee Marshall, Leiani Brown, Marin McIff, Melanie Farronay, Miranda Rankin, Preston Handy, Trinity Niko, and Zach Eberhard.

Top row left to right: Jaden Muir, Miranda Rankin, Marin McIff, Anne Tobin, Aubree Newton, Preston Handy and Julia Conrad. Bottom row: Janet Tran, Leiani Brown, Melanie Farronay, Kaylee Marshall, Cheyanne Bradshaw, Jessica Forsyth, Zach Eberhard and Trinity Niko.

 From among these Youth Council members, four have been interviewed and selected to represent the city as Youth Ambassadors. They are: Jaden Muir, Janet Tran, Melanie Farronay, and Miranda Rankin.

This is an exceptional group of youth who have demonstrated their commitment to service in the community, increasing their leadership skills and gaining a greater understanding of local government. Congratulations!    

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