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Keeping Roads Maintained and Safe

Oct 30, 2014 09:56AM ● By City Of Taylorsville
Council Corner

In the past three or four months you may have noticed a flurry of activity in several subdivisions throughout the city. Orange cones, road maintenance trucks and crews are a common sight in the summer. The city has the responsibility to provide safe and well maintained roads. We contract with Salt Lake County Public Works in order to provide this service efficiently and in the most cost effective way. 
 Taylorsville has a comprehensive long term plan for road maintenance. Using this plan, we are able to extend the life of our roads as long as possible. The majority of road maintenance, and the most common in our subdivisions, is a slurry seal. Using oil and sand, this method can extend the life of a road about five years. A chip seal is another cost effective way to weatherproof a road, enhance skid resistance and repair minor cracks. The third option to preserve our roads is to apply an asphalt overlay over the existing road. All roads are constantly evaluated to determine which treatment to use.

As we continue forward with our road maintenance plan, carefully monitoring the funding, we are confident that the preventative steps we take now will help keep our roads as safe as possible long into the future.


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